About Us

Buckle up, baby!


 This "adventure" all started with a conversation between my husband, Sterling, and his uncle, Sterling McCall, Jr. He was a  successful businessman in Houston and a true visionary, who loved to pursue unconventional dreams.  Sterling McCall, Jr. opened the museum in 1996 to share his amazing collection of vintage cars with the tiny town of Round Top. He enjoyed many years of this as.  guests from all over the world came to visit.  In 2013, when he decided to downsize and pursue other interests, Sterling and I made the big jump and signed on the dotted line. 

 What once was an old car museum has turned into a fun and meaningful adventure for us.  We bought this large venue in the country with the intention of keeping it in the family and re-opening this amazing landmark to the public. Although the antique cars are gone, the history in the building remains. Everyone that visits can see the amount of thoughtful planning and love that went into making this venue so special.  

Many ideas and many mistakes later, we think we have finally created what this space was  meant to be...Lone Star Glamp Inn. Where people come to gather and connect. We always say our guests come as strangers, and leave as happy, glamping friends!

Sterling McCall Old Car Museum Back in the Day